Ebasta Scheme Phone number, Contact info, Email, Social Websites, Postal Address

E Basta Scheme Phone number, Contact info,  Email, Social Websites, Postal Address, Apply Online – E Basta Scheme is the digital way of Education which was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This project has created a framework to make school books accessible in digital form as e-books to be read and used on tablets and laptops.  eBasta’s are portable. Carry eBasta’s in any storage medium without worrying about their weight and start reading them ANYWHERE ANY TIME.

Benefits Of E-Basta Scheme:

  • Students can download these e-books on tablet and desktop and study them as per their convenience by downloading an eBasta app.
  • Access is easy and in a structured format.
  • They can also access the content of other schools.
  • Although most apps run on the internet, it is not the case with eBasta. Once an ebook is downloaded, it can be read offline as well. So there is no internet charge for reading it. However, if the internet connection is slow, which is very common in India then it will more time to download the book. Time to download can further increase if the book is lengthy and contains a lot of images.
  • Various file formats are available such as text, animation, graphics, audio, videos etc.
  • It will reduce the load on students, as they don’t have to carry heavy bags since books are easily accessible over the internet portable.
  • Books would be available instantly. Normally it is seen that students have to search for books in the market and many times books are not available. This won’t be the case with eBasta as they are delivered instantly.
  • Moreover, ebooks are completely secured and safe and there is no danger of virus.


Phone Number: +91-22-27565303

Email: [email protected]

Contact Link: @contact


TWITTER: @eBasta_in

It has its Twitter account where you can get its latest updates bout this scheme. You can tweet them at @eBasta_in and also follow them.

FACEBOOK: @ebasta.in

Facebook is an another way to contact them. You can follow them and you can also write your views on their timeline. If you want to like their page then visit their page via the above link.


They have their Google+ account where they have engaged a number of followers. You can also follow them by using the above link.

YOUTUBE: @Channel

They have their YouTube channel where they update the latest information. If You want to subscribe their channel then visit the above link.


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